10 Best Dive computer of 2017

WE reviewed ten best dive computers that are new so you could see how the latest wrist-mounted and console versions execute. From air-integration, full-color displays as well as solar energy, there’s something for each and every scuba diver to love.


Computers were evaluated by us check divers in seven groups designed to gauge efficiency on the cornerstone of ease and intuitiveness of operation. The dives were performed at Blue Grotto Dive Resort in Williston, Florida, where divers employed underwater slates to report their scores in each area from 5 (excellent) to 1 (bad), and also offer written comments about their experience using each pc. Take a peek behind the scenes of the our dive computer check.

This check was intended to gauge whether a computer is comparatively liberal or conservative in its no-deco calculations something a diver would want to know. But many factors influence those calculations.

The computers in our test were utilized at their most liberal configurations, without safety or conservatism factors in use. While the shown no-deco times usually varied significantly between computers, especially at greater depths, none of the computers went into deco during our chamber dives; most got no closer than 10 minutes. We utilized the same profiles and schedule as in previous assessments because it is the only way to get an accurate picture of comparative performance. But it also means we dont know the result on no-deco times if, for example, we’d employed aggressive reverse profiles or pushed the computers in to deco.

Sherwood Scuba Vision

The Eyesight requires the basic procedure and clear display from Sherwoodas Wisdoms and provides features including four gas mixes and also a digital compass. It has also scaled-down, but the show is still sharp and simple to see, having a nice layout along with a good back light. The main screen shows no-deco or O 2 time remaining, depending on which is airtime remaining, as well as the controlling element. The three-button navigation is completely intuitive. The 2d compass is barebones but gets the work done.

Scubapro Aladin Tec 3H

Scubapro created the Tec 3H by including air integration to need for a separate air gauge. its Tec 3-G for a a concise console without the And compact it is; the entire thing is even smaller than a number of the wrist-mount computers in our test. That imposes a pretty stringent limit on screen-size, but the figures are sharp enough that it is amazingly easy to study. The small size made it difficult for many middle-aged eyes, not helped by way of a less-than- blazing back-light. Features include three gas mixes, consumer-replaceable battery, six ranges of conservatism and Scubapro Profile Dependent Intermediate Stop, which selects stops centered on calculating when the critical tissue compartment switches from on-gassing to off-gassing.