10 Best Windows PDF to Excel Converters Free Download 2019

Tables, data, and columns are all essential. For an accounting professional, you get to deal with these every day. To make your work easier, it’s ideal saving the content in PDF formats. However, to edit them, you’ll need to convert them back to editable Excel documents.

In this article, we delve into some ways of finding the best PDF to Excel converters (<<<<<< FULL list + Free License + Free Download). There are tons of options to choose from. Therefore, we’ve made your work easier. We’ve taken a look at all the available programs and chosen the best to use on your Windows PC.

These programs are capable of converting PDF documents to XLSX format. More so, they have different features for every skill set. Thus ensuring that you’re able to find the one that’ll work best for you. The software that’ll be able to check all the boxes and ensure that you have the best experience.


PDF Suite Pro


Before downloading a program on Windows, you ought to ensure that it’s compatible. PDF Suite Pro poses no problems. It’s compatible with all Windows versions. Therefore, you need not to worry about your system. It’ll run without any hitches.

Besides this, the one-click conversion feature makes it easier when converting PDF to XLSX format. The interface is simple to use thus allowing you to find all the options you might need. Besides, since it’s a paid software, you can opt to use a free trial version.

With the paid software, you get to enjoy 256-bit encryption. Meaning that your converted XLSX documents get to be safe. You can add signatures or passwords to the documents. Thus being able to control everyone who has access to them.

Nitro Pro


Multitasking is essential when looking for the best PDF to Excel converter. Nitro Pro allows you to drag and drop files for quicker and easier conversion. Besides, you can have these files open in multiple windows. Thus allowing you to monitor the progress and edit them quickly.

With OneDrive support, you can upload your documents online. More so, its an ideal means of protecting all the Microsoft Excel documents that you’ve converted. Through this, you’re certain that they can’t be affected. Besides, you can use different computers without any worries.

Furthermore, you’re able to retain the PDF format when converting them to XLSX. It’s essential to retain these formats especially when there are tables and unique layouts. Under the settings option, you’re able to choose the formats that you’d like to retain.

TalkHelper PDF Converter

talkhelper pdf converter

Even with multiple PDF conversion options, the PDF to Excel option stands out. The availability of advanced OCR makes it easier to convert any PDF document to XLS format. Optical Character Recognition allows you to scan documents from different languages and convert them to the preferred language.

On the other hand, splitting and merging of documents is possible. In case you’d like to have multiple Excel documents, you can split a PDF file. More so, merging is essential when dealing with multiple PDF documents which have related data.

Moreover, the interface is simple to use. It’s always essential to ensure that you choose a software with a simple interface. TalkHelper makes it easier to find all the conversion options.

Weeny Free PDF to Excel Converter


Amongst the things that make Weeny unique is the fact that it’s free. Most of the competition is paid. However, you’ll find that Weeny qualifies to be amongst the best PDF to XLSX converters. It allows you to control everything that you’d like to convert.

The versatility of this software is unique. You’re able to drag and drop all the PDFs that you’d like. More so, batch conversion is quick since you can choose the specific pages to convert. With the convert range option, you’re able to decide the content that needs to be converted to Microsoft Excel.

Nevertheless, the output mode is also a welcome option. With this, you’re able to choose the format that you’d like the XLSX documents to be saved in. The single file option allows you to save the file as a whole. However, choosing multiple files allows you to split all the content.

iSkysoft PDF Editor

iskysoftiSkysoft PDF Editor_2

Support for all Excel formats is a must for any PDF to XLSX converter. Through this, you can ensure that no matter the format, you’re able to edit it easily. Besides, you can share the files without worry that some people won’t be able to read or even make their changes.

To convert multiple PDF documents, batching is also an option. iSkysoft allows you to convert multiple PDF files to make your work easier. Besides, you’re able to easily choose the specific pages that you’d like to convert in the PDF.

Likewise, the stamping option is a nice touch. It allows you to add your signature on the converted document. Therefore, you’re able to ensure that all the content is secure since it can’t be copied.

Soda PDF

Soda PDF Converter_3

It’s always ideal having a versatile software. Software that provides you with multiple use options. Soda PDF allows you to choose from the individual, business or online forums. To ensure that its indeed what you want, you can try it free before you fully commit.

Why use Soda PDF? Well, there’s OCR support. Meaning that you’ll be able to scan documents into PDF. After scanning, you’re able to convert the PDF to Excel in no time. OCR support also allows you to scan documents in foreign languages and convert them in a familiar language.

Security, on the other hand, is enhanced. It’s made easier with the availability of e-signature. With this, you’ll only need an image or a drawing as a signature. Therefore, you’ll ensure that the Excel documents are always safe.

Cogniview PDF2XL

pdf2xlCogniview Pdf2xl_4

Cogniview converts PDFs to not only Excel, but also anything. This is with the help of OCR. You’re able to scan the documents and convert them. Besides, you have multilanguage support. Through this, you’re able to convert foreign documents to your native language for better understanding and editing.

Likewise, the interface is simple to use. It’s familiar to that of Microsoft Office, thus ensuring that you don’t have a steep learning curve. Besides, you’re able to view PDF files as they’re being converted. So doing allows you to choose the pages and content that’s to be converted.

Furthermore, Cogniview has support for different Excel formats. Through this, you can share and view these documents no matter the version of Microsoft Excel that’s available. More so, when converting, you can choose the desired format to use.



Most PDF to Excel converters with a simple to use interface will have a small footprint. When installing the software, you’ll find that UniPDF is only 5.09 MB huge. Therefore, you save time when installing and running the software. Besides, the smaller size means that the software won’t utilize many resources when running.

Batch conversion is available with UniPDF. You can drag and drop multiple files and click on the convert button. As a professional, batch conversion is a feature that’ll make you efficient. You’ll only have to convert PDF documents to XLSX format once, and you’re done.

Furthermore, you can choose the specific pages that you’d like to convert. Through this, you won’t have tons of Excel pages on your PC. You’ll only have the information that’s essential, thus being able to save time.

Adobe PDF to Excel Converter


OCR is one unique feature. You can scan tables and turn them to Excel documents. Adobe has OCR support, meaning that you’re able to make your work easier. Besides, you’re able to ensure that you can convert any information you’d like into an Excel document.

Besides, when converting PDF documents, you can choose the specific data to convert. The converter allows you to choose the essential information from a PDF and convert it into an Excel document. Therefore, you’ll wind up saving time.

More so, since Adobe has support for all Microsoft Excel formats, you’re able to carry your work with you. You need not to worry about the compatibility of the Excel documents. They’ll get to work no matter the Microsoft Office version that you’ll be using.

Wondershare PDF to Excel Converter


Partial and batch conversions are amongst the reasons for choosing Wondershare. You’re able to choose exactly what you’d like to convert and the amount of PDF documents to convert. Therefore, you can select multiple files or even choose specific pages when converting to XLS.

Besides, you have options for the output formats. When you have tons of converted Excel documents, you can consolidate them in one large Excel document. More so, if this isn’t what you’d like, you can choose to retain the files as single pages for easier allocation of work.

The software has a simple UI. For a new user, you’ll be able to learn the way around quickly. Besides, all the buttons are indicated and converting is only one-click away. Therefore, Wondershare is amongst some of the best PDF to Excel converters available.