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You can use the Wondershare’s good PDF Converter Pro to skip some PDF security measures, too. If the record has security settings to prevent printing, changing, or copying its text, the PDF converter Pro ignores the constraint. This allows me to convert the copy protection file to an editable Word file using PDF Converter Pro. The company boasts its ability to bypass this security on its own website and sell a separate product called PDF password remover, a “Small and easy-to-use PDF cookie.” “Neither of these products allows you to bypass the security of opening a document with a password.

If you instruct the PDF Converter Pro conversion to require a password-open PDF, the application will tell you that you must enter the password before you can convert the file. OCR is used to help scanned PDF documents (PDF Converter Pro only) a major technology has been built into software called OCR technology. Using PDF Converter Pro Your application will identify any text to your scanned PDF file, enabling your ability to convert to a Microsoft document instead. Save PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and text documents as PDF documents (PDF Converter Pro only) with PDF Convert Pro 4.0 You will be able to convert Microsoft files (such as Word, Excel, and so on) to PDF Pieces and change them to all content as needed.

Use the format without losing any of the original formatting. It is not normal to convert a PDF to plain text. You just select the paragraph, right-click it, select copy , and then paste all the contents of the Clipboard into the Notepad document. In most operating systems, this is just a matter of copying and pasting. The only problem is that the formatting of this text is no longer retained, plus the alignment of these paragraphs can also be a problem. Fortunately, the number of utilities on the market to help you complete this work is huge. The disadvantage is that they don’t come for free. The Wondershare PDF Converter has a large number of $49.95 and an evaluation version that restricts your conversion to the first three pages of this document only. It can change the PDF file to Microsoft Word format, Microsoft PowerPoint, HTM, or text in any way without hesitation. The interface is as simple as possible, including the transformation format supported by this program. 1 things you need to remember: if you don’t have an application on your computer, you can’t convert to Word format. Once you place Microsoft Office on your system, the Wondershare PDF Converter is ready to convert the PDF to Word and PowerPoint format. Simply click on the tab to select the conversion type from the main screen of the software. After that, it is all about adding a PDF to the program that will soon be exchanged, and defining the storage route for the final result.

The button that implements this is located in the lower part of the screen (no way to miss). However, one aspect that should not be overlooked is that it bypasses the security settings in the PDF file, which can be handy for the person who initiates the conversion, but also poses a threat to the creator of the file. In addition, despite the current availability of 50% discount, the price is not any attraction. Includes a feature to switch to PDF file with support format more satisfying, in addition to eliminating the requirement of installing Microsoft Office to convert to DOC or PPT (there are plenty of applications that have the absolute ability to open these document formats). 100% preserves formatting and layout in the output file. Support Microsoft Office for MAC 2008/2011. It’s easy to work; With its simple interface, MAC users can quickly convert PDFs to 3 measures in other formats. Supports drag-and-drop operations. Mac users can add, remove, and change the conversion order of PDF files effortlessly

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